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Feel free to use the music found here for non-commercial purposes. The music has a score with the vocal parts and piano accompaniment as well as a reduced score with vocal parts only. Many songs also have an mp3 file you can listen to in addition to the sheet music.  You can also use the search box right here at the top to hone in on different topics or specific voicing in the arrangements.  Just use one or two word topics like Christmas, Hope, Restoration, etc.

A Poor Wayfaring Man of GriefJesus Christ- Savior, Love, Parables, ServiceSAB with pianoOptional soloist at the beginning and end
All Glory, Laud and HonorPraise, Jesus Christ, EasterTTBB with piano and organI also included a reduced size score so there weren't so many pages, but I hope you can read it.
Amazing GracePraise, Jesus Christ,SA with piano
AmericaPatrioticPiano solo
Angels We Have Heard on HighChristmasSATB with piano
Arise and Shine ForthExample, Missionary work, Service, SharingSA with piano
As Sisters in Zion/Love One AnotherLove, Service, Ministering,
Sisterhood, Jesus Christ-Example
SSA with piano
Be Still, My SoulComfort, Faith, Peace, HopeSATB with piano and organ
Because of Him, I Live AgainEaster, Atonement, Resurrection, Forgiveness,
Soprano solo with piano
BelievingFaithful, Steadfast, TestimonyVocal solo with piano
Brightly Beams Our Father's MercyExample, Missionary Work, MinisteringSAB with piano and opt. instrumentThere are 3 different scores here. One to use if you have a clarinetist. But since clarinetists are hard to come by, there is a score that can be used with a string instrument. Same score for any stringed instrument you decide to use. If no instruments are available, there is a piano score that just plays those parts without instruments. The choral part is the same for all of the versions.
Christ is Born! The Angels SingChristmasVocal solo or unison with piano
Clap Your Hands and Shout For Joy!Jesus Christ, ChristmasSAB with piano
Come to Zion (Israel, Israel, God is CallingZion, Gathering of Israel, Second coming of ChristSAB with piano, violin, optional bassThis is a hoedown version of this song written for trek. Lively and lots of fun!
Come Unto ChristComfort, Faith, Prayer, Repentance, Spirituality, RefinementSA or SAB with piano
Come Unto HimComfort, Faith, Prayer, Repentance, SpiritualityTTB with piano
Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingPraise, Jesus Christ, FaithfulnessSATB with piano
Come, Ye DisconsolateComfort, TrialsTTB with piano
Daughters of LightExample, Steadfastness, ScripturesVocal solo or unison with pianoThis is a fun, lively song I wrote for girls camp. We sing it every year.
Dear to the Heart of the ShepherdJesus Christ-Shepherd, Missionary Work, Ministering, Leadership, ReactivationSATB with piano
Did You Think to Pray?Prayer, Forgiveness, TrialsSA with piano
Father in HeavenComfort, God the Father, Peace, WorshipSATB with piano
GloriaPre-existence, Atonement, Praise, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Easter, JoySAB with pianoA Joyful song of Praise
God Be With YouMissionary work, Closing, Farewell, UnityInstrumental solo (Violin, Cello, Viola or Flute),
cello duet, violin duet,
violin/viola, violin/cello duet
TTBB with piano
The piano accompaniment for the instrumental solos and duets is the same. I didn't rewrite it for each individual part or duet part.
The Men's choir accompaniment is different and listed separately.
Sorry it won't let me show them in groups or in any reasonable order. You have to hunt around for the different scores and individual parts.
Goin' HomeFuneral, Death, Life after Death, Comfort, FamilyPiano solo,
Vocal solo with piano
Guide Us, O Thou Great JehovahZion, Guidance, Jesus Christ-Second ComingSATB with piano and organ
Hark, All Ye Nations!Restoration, MissionarySAB or TB
with organ and piano
He is ThereComfort, Peace, Jesus Christ, TrialsSoprano solo with piano
High on the Mountain TopTemple Work, Restoration of the Gospel, Zion, TruthSATB with piano and organ
Hold onto JesusFaith, Jesus Christ, Steadfast, TrialsSATB with pianoWritten in a southern gospel style with clapping. Yeah, let loose and enjoy this one
Hold to the RodBook of Mormon, Guidance, Prophets, Scriptures, Trials, obedienceSATB with piano
How Can I Keep From Singing?Gratitude, Jesus ChristSATB with pianoOpt. soprano solo at beginning
How Great Thou ArtPraise, Grace, Jesus Christ- Creator, Savior, Nature, WorshipSATB with piano and organ
I am ReadyMissionary Work, Faith, Prepared, Service, ObedienceSAB with pianoLively youth piece with clapping
I Believe in Christ - hymn accompanimentCommitment, Easter, Christmas, Jesus Christ, Testimony, Praise, WorshipPiano to accompany organ and congregation last verse of Hymn
I Feel My Savior's LoveLove, Jesus Christ, Peace, Commitment, Faith, Missionary workSA with pianoThis could be used with primary kids as well but just singing the melody.
I Feel PeacePrayer, PeacePrimary children song
I Have Seen an AngelChristmas, Mary and Joseph, Faith. Soprano/tenor duet with pianoDuet for Mary and Joseph as they contemplate being parents and raising the son of God.
I Know That My Redeemer LivesEaster, Faith, Hope, Joy, Jesus Christ, AssuranceSATB with piano and organ
I Saw a Mighty Angel FlyRestoration, Jesus Christ, Second coming, TruthTTB with piano
I Will Always Turn to TheeJesus Christ, Faith, Scriptures, prayer, Trust in LordSA with piano
I Will Read the Book of MormonBook of Mormon, ScripturesPrimary children song
I'll Choose ChristFaith, Jesus Christ, Trials, Hope, Comfort, PeaceSA with piano
I'll Follow Jesus/Come Follow MeFaith, Jesus Christ, Exaltation, Obedience,Primary songAlso able to be sung with congregation for third verse. "I'll Follow Jesus" melody is sung by the children and the congregation sings the hymn first verse with the children. Can play the actual hymn on the organ along with the piano part
I'll Go Where You Want Me to GoObedience, Commitment, Duty, Missionary work, Service, SacrificeSA with piano
I'm Gonna PrayPrayer, Faith, Joseph Smith, ProphetsPrimary children song
Vocal solo with piano
lively youth song- not so much a solo as just a lively song sung in unison
If You Could Hie to KolobExaltation, Plan of Salvation, Premortal life, worthiness, ImprovementVibraphone solo with piano
In His Strength, I Can Do All ThingsJesus Christ, Faith, Commitment, Improvement, MiraclesVocal solo with piano
It Started With a PrayerPrayer, Joseph Smith, First Vision, Testimony, FaithVocal solo with piano
It's the SpiritPrayer, Pioneers, Faith, Testimony, Commitment, Hope, SteadfastnessVocal solo with pianoTrek music
Jesus, Savior, Pilot MeFaith, Jesus Christ, Trials, Hope, Supplication, GuidanceTB with piano
Jesus, the Very Thought of TheeJesus Christ, PeaceSATB with piano and violin
Lead, Kindly LightJesus Christ, Faith, Hope, Guidance, Trials, SupplicationSATB, TTB, TB duet with piano
Let Me Be Your HandsService, Trial, Gratitude, MinisteringSA with piano
Let Us All Press OnCheerfulness, Commitment, Courage, Duty, ServiceSATB or TTB with piano and organ
Listen to the Still Small VoiceHoly Ghost, Guidance, Testimony, RevelationPrimary choir with pianoA combination of the "Listen, Listen" round and "The a Still Small Voice". Makes a long enough song to be a performance piece. A Tribute to Merrill Bradshaw, who wrote both pieces.
Look Unto MeJesus Christ, Love, Trust in LordVocal Solo with piano
Lullaby to JesusChristmas, Mary, Baby JesusVocal solo with pianoMary sings to the Baby Jesus about being a mother to the son of God. This song was a collaboration with my daughter, Adah, when she was in 6th grade.
Master, the Tempest is RagingDespair, Trials, Faith, Hope, Supplication, Prayer, Jesus Christ- Savior, Hope, PeaceSATB with choir
May My Life Reflect Thy WillFaith, Commitment, Steadfastness, Guidance, Jesus Christ-SaviorSAB with piano, harp, and flute
More Holiness Give MeHonesty, Supplication, Worthiness, Savior, Self-ImprovementSSA with piano
My Life Will Be a WitnessExample, Missionary Work, Service, Love, PraiseSA with piano
Nearer, My God, To TheeHope, TrialsSATB, vocal solo,
cello solo with piano
Now the Day is Over/Reverently, QuietlyEvening, Jesus Christ, PeaceTTB with piano
O Come, O Come EmmanuelChristmasViolin or viola solo
O Holy NightChristmasPiano solo
O Ye Mountains HighZion, PioneersSATB with piano and 2 horns in FThe Horns play a part that sounds like Alpen Horns, which felt very appropriate in a song about mountains
On the Road to Bethlehem (A Christmas Symphony)ChristmasSATB with piano, flute, bells, snare drum
Our Eternal FamilyFamily, Plan of Salvation, Temple WorkSATB with piano
Peace Be Unto Thy SoulTrials, Joseph Smith, Hope, Peace, SupplicationSATB with pianoLyrics taken from Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail and other places in the Doctrine and Covenants
Redeemer of IsraelGathering of Israel, Second Coming, Jesus Christ-ShepherdSATB with piano and organ
Rejoice in HopePraise, Joy, Hope, Faith, Jesus ChristVocal solo with piano
Rise Up, O Men of God!Covenants, Faithful, Steadfast, ServiceTB with pianoA Livelier version of the men's hymn
Sabbath DaySabbath Day, Savior, Worship, Reverence, PreparedSATB with pianoa choir arrangement of a few Primary songs, but meant to be sung by an adult choir
Sweet Hour of PrayerPrayerSAB, TB duet, vocal solo,
cello solo, or viola solo, or cello/viola duet with piano
The Best of YouMother, Love, Example, FamilySoprano solo with pianoMother's Day Song
The Covenant PathCovenant Path, Covenants, Obedience, Steadfastness, Blessings, Keep CommandmentsSATB with pianoWritten for youth choir
The Day Dawn is BreakingRestoration, Millennium, Jesus ChristSATB with piano
The Hearts of the Children/I Love to See the TempleTemple, Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Faithfulness, ObediencePrimary medley with piano
There is a Green Hill Far AwayEaster, Atonement, Jesus Christ, Sacrifice, Love, Faith, GratitudeSATB with piano and either violin or cello
This is the ChristJesus Christ, Resurrection, Atonement, RepentanceSAB With Piano
Bass or ContrAlto solo with piano
Together We Will RiseNature, Leadership, Minister, Service, Teaching, Creator, Faith Vocal solo and piano,
SATB with piano, recorder, and conga drum
We Sing of ChristPraise, GratitudeSSA with piano
Where Can I Turn for Peace?/I Feel PeaceComfort, Jesus Christ, Hope, PeaceSSA with piano
Wonderful (I Stand All Amazed)Grace, Gratitude, Jesus Christ, Plan of Salvation, Praise, SacramentSATB with piano and flutePrimary version available


  • Janis Hall

    May 19, 2020 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your music – I love the arrangement of “Wonderful” and have shared it with my granddaughter who loves it too. You are a great example of sharing your talents “freely”! Janis Hall, Tempe, AZ

    • Suzanne

      May 30, 2020 at 5:58 am Reply

      Thank you, Janis! I felt so blessed when I started writing all this stuff for my calling. I knew it was a gift God wanted me to share as I consecrated myself to him. It felt wrong to profit from it. I’m so happy people are using it! That’s what keeps it alive! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nina Scurtu

    June 29, 2020 at 6:50 pm Reply

    This is my favorite Hymn and my favorite arrangement <3 Thank you so much.

    • Nina Scurtu

      June 29, 2020 at 6:51 pm Reply

      I was talking about Wonderful ^^

  • Heather Enke

    July 20, 2020 at 7:54 am Reply

    I spent today listening to all of your music. It is amazing – original and refreshing. Thank you!

    • Suzanne

      July 20, 2020 at 12:19 pm Reply

      Wow, really! That’s awesome, thank you so much Heather! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sue & Carl Chappell

    May 30, 2021 at 5:48 pm Reply

    I love you music and the fact you are so willing to share. You are wonderfu. I’m the ward choir direction and live in the same ward as Sue Spencer. I know Shannon too. They told me about you and we use your music all the time and I give credit to you in our programs too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

    • Suzanne

      May 30, 2021 at 6:07 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! It only stays alive if people use it. I’m grateful it is reaching people and so happy you use it!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Gerald Smith

    October 21, 2023 at 3:29 pm Reply

    I was recently called to be the Music Coordinator and choir director is our ward. I found printed copies of Wonderful in the music I inherited from the previous director. This was my introduction to your music. count me in as one of your newest fans. Visiting your site i found so many beautiful arrangements. I am searching for music to use at Christmas. I was viewing
    I HAVE SEEN AN ANGEL and realized that it has an All Rights Reserved at the bottom of the music. Is that currently not available to copy for ward choir use? I will definitely be using many or your pieces. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world.

    • Suzanne Shippen

      November 3, 2023 at 3:09 pm Reply

      That’s just in case someone were to do something with it commercially. Yes, it’s free and you can definitely copy it!

  • Kathee Merkley

    March 31, 2024 at 5:21 am Reply

    I am our ward choir accompanist. Our director brought us Wonderful to sing for Easter. I can’t stop playing it!! I feel like the music is portraying the emotions of MARY. And the chorus is her running to excitedly tell her friends and disciples. I love it. I plan on copying all your music to make myself a book with it. MAY YOU BE BLESSED for your efforts as your talents bless ours. I’m so grateful.

    • Suzanne

      March 31, 2024 at 5:32 am Reply

      Oh I’m so glad! Yeah, I wanted to shake up the hymn so that the music was expressing more of the joy that I feel like the words are trying to say. I love your analogy!
      And yes, please use any and all of the music! That’s what keeps it alive!! ❤️❤️❤️

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